About Future's Bright, Future's Ginger

Future's Bright, Future's Ginger is an personalised events business that focus's on bringing something extra special to your family night in or event. It's creator Matt has over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry and has a strong passion for this very niche and specialist field. It all started many christmas's back when Matt created a christmas gameshow for the family.  It was such a laugh and a giggle that it back a yearly feature to the point now that  there is a winners trophy that gets the pride and honour to keep it for the year.  

Matt's influences and passion for gameshows started when he was working in the holiday park sector hosting gameshows every night to audiences from 10 to 1000 people. Matt has also been a contestant on many TV shows such as, Weakest Link, The Chase, Tipping Point to name a few.

We pride ourselves to be able to adapt to your needs, wants and desires for your event. Currently our range of products  include:

- Hosted Gameshow Style Events ( Perfect for families or events )

- Fixed Gameshow Style Events ( Perfect for a birthday surprise )

- CSI Murder Mysteries ( Perfect for any mid TV crime drama fans )

- Sporting Events ( Anything from organsing to hosting )

Remember nothing (within reason) is off limits and we love new ideas and challenges so if you dont see what you are after get in touch and lets make that dream event a reality.

Frequently asked questions

We are having a family night in would this be suitable?

100%. You dont have to be having a big birthday bash or wedding event to get us in to run an event. I can be as little as a family night in.

Can we rig it so a certain person can win/be the centre of attention?

Yes. Speak with our team when booking and we can tailor the event to your needs. This includes setting up the finish so the person you wish to surpise can win the main prize. For example a big birthday present or main even a ring ;)

We are a corporate company and want a team buiding activity or christmas party?

We have plenty of packages that can be tailored to your needs. This includes team buidlning activitys or full events for christmas parties, including comedians, singers and musicans and DJ's.

Can we host our own event?

Yes, we are currently working on a range of our games that you can purchase / download. Visit the host your own event to find out more, if you dont see what you are after drop us a message and we can assist you in what you are after.

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